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Russia Conquers Black Sea With New Lethal Force Against US

Russia Conquers Black Sea With New Lethal Force Against US
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Russia Conquers Black Sea With New Lethal Force Against US

Despite the opposition it has been getting from NATO, U.S., and other nations, Russia is now eyeing the Black Sea. Russia has started deploying lethal forces over the Black Sea while its expansion efforts in Ukraine become even more apparent as it moves missiles into legally seized Crimea.

Russia Prepared to Protect Crimea

Russia is making a move over the Black Sea and specifically into Crimea. The nation is reportedly deploying more advanced air defense systems to Crimea. The move is considered a way to protect the region in what a NATO official previously referred to as “air hooligans.”

According to a report from Eurasia, Russia plans to deploy the defense system in August. Russia will equip the 18th anti-aircraft missile regiment of the 31st Air Defense Division, based in Feodosia with its top-of-the-line S-400 Triumf air defense system. Many consider this Russia’s own buildup against the southwestern border against what the nation sees a threat to its security.

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“Placing the S-400 air defense system on duty in Crimea effectively locks down the Crimean sky against any attack from the air. The very fact of the placement of this advanced air defense system in Crimea will keep honest all NATO aviation based in the Black Sea region,” explained Crimea’s vice premier, Ruslan Balbek.

Russia’s decision is most likely a way to answer to the U.S. – the only possible air threat to Crimea, according to retired Colonel General Igor Maltsev, a former commander of Russia’s air defense force.

“What airborne weapons pose a threat to us at this operational theater? Saying that Bulgaria or Romania’s air forces are a force to be reckoned with is out of question. Turkey will hardly ever consider sparking an overt conflict with Russia. I think, that the S-400 deployment to Crimea is meant to prevent the United States from staging any provocations,” the official added.

Russia Dedicated to Crimea

According to Daily Caller, the S-400 missile system can be considered as the longest range surface to air missile system in the world, and it would be proof of Moscow’s dedication to protecting Crimea. Previously, Russia annexed Crimea back in 2014 even with opposition across the globe.

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