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Russia, China Joining Pakistan In War Against India; America Missing In Action

Russia, China Joining Pakistan In War Against India; America Missing In Action
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Russia, China Joining Pakistan In War Against India; America Missing In Action

India and Pakistan, two arch rival countries have started their preparations for war. While India depends on the U.S. for backup, Russia and China have already shown their support towards Pakistan. Can this be the grounds for World War III?

Pakistan has been secretly attacking military bases set up in Kashmir, which serves as a border of India and Pakistan, resulting in several Indian soldiers dying for months now.

Indo-Pak Dispute

After the consecutive wars that raged back in the 20th century between India and Pakistan, both the nations had come to some sort of peace agreement that brought new hope and understanding between the two.

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For decades non-violent relations followed between these two, which almost seemed to verge on cordial until Pakistan elected a new Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, who is hell bent on bringing their neighboring country to their knees.

While India has been holding back from engaging in direct violence against Pakistan, the last straw was 18 soldiers being killed in a terrorist attack at the Army camp in Uri, India on September 18.

Even though the Govt. of India has not formally declared it yet, they have started preparing for war which seems inevitable, what with Pakistan not listening to reason, warnings or threats anymore.

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Secretary General Ram Madhav took to the social media and wrote “For one tooth, the complete jaw”, reports CNN. Even the Home Minister of India tweeted “Pakistan is a terrorist state and it should be identified and isolated as such.”

China And Russia Side With Pakistan

It is no secret that India has always enjoyed full support from the U.S. This has made the entire affair a global one because China, who has been unabashedly anti-America for years now, has publicly pledged allegiance with Pakistan.

“In case of any (foreign) aggression our country will extend its full support to Pakistan. We are and will be siding with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue,” Consul General of China in Lahore Yu Boren has said in a press release, reports NDTV.

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Russia has also begun dipping its toe into the fight. Even though it has not verbally extended its support towards Pakistan, its antics point to a Russia-Pak pact happening soon enough.

Russian troops are currently practicing anti-terrorist drills in Pakistan, which are causes for worry for India reports The Times Of India.

The only opportunity to convince Russia to side with India is the upcoming annual summit which is due in a few weeks when India will host Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Where Is The  U.S.?

On the other hand, the United States seem to be in a bit of a disarray, what with its presidential elections going on and the country being torn apart by the sudden influx of anti-racism movements.

Under such circumstances, can India bank on the U.S. anymore? And is siding with Pakistan a well-planned strategy of China and Russia to establish a new world order where U.S. is not at the top anymore?

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