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Russia & China Cooperating In Heavy Space Rocket Engine Capabilities

Russia & China Cooperating In Heavy Space Rocket Engine Capabilities
Meeting with President of China President of Russia Website / Flickr CC


Russia & China Cooperating In Heavy Space Rocket Engine Capabilities

China and Russia, countries known for its enduring relationship, are set to bring its alliance into the higher level, literally as it plans to venture into a joint space rocket project.

On June 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet with China’s Xi Jinping for a signing of at least 30 agreements between the two nations.

Russian Ambassador to Beijing Andrey Denisov said some of the notable projects that the two heads of states will discuss include some projects for political and economic cooperation. The projects, the ambassador noted, are most on its ‘early readiness stage’, including the plan for a joint space rocket development program, the Russian newspaper TASS reported.

“I would emphasize cooperation in outer space activity as a whole rather than a specific delivery of a batch of goods. The point is not to deliver specific equipment but to organize long-term mutually advantageous cooperation of the sides, which are objectively close to each other from the viewpoint of technical and technological compatibility, ” Denisov said.

In a separate report from TASS, Denisov added that projects that the two nations are going to work on would have a significant impact in a global scale, especially since the two countries are known for rolling out globally significant projects and joint endeavors.

“Quite notable projects comprising new spheres of the economic partnership are among prepared documents. For example, the ones related to participation of China’s companies in development of tourist resources of the North Caucasus,” Denisov said in reference to the possible nature of the 30 agreements that Russia and China will enter into.

Part of the 30 agreements is the project to develop surgery robots. But Denisov hinted that not all projects that the two countries will venture together are on the realm of politics and economics, as the two nations will also be exploring other interesting joint project such as ice hockey in China.

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