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Russia And China May Break Up, Putin Tries To Bring In Beijing’s Great Firewall

Russia And China May Break Up, Putin Tries To Bring In Beijing’s Great Firewall
Vladimir Putin had a meeting with President of China Xi Jinping. President of Russia / Official Website CC


Russia And China May Break Up, Putin Tries To Bring In Beijing’s Great Firewall

Russia and China are getting closer, but it has not always been the case. According to reports, Beijing previously hated Moscow outright. Will the two nations continue to be friends, or will they fall apart to start WW3?

Nuclear weapons seemed to have been the contention between the countries when relationships were frosty. Moscow had its nuclear warhead back in 1949. This prompted Mao Zedong to decide that China needed nuclear weapons, too. He turned to Russia, which was happy to help at first, but then things fell apart.

Russia And China Breaking Up?

“We cannot confirm press reports that [Beijing] has asked the USSR to close all of its consulates in China,” the CIA wrote at one point, as quoted by National Interest. “There is, nonetheless, tenuous evidence suggesting that Moscow’s posts at Harbin in Manchuria and [Urumqi] in [Xinjiang] may in fact have been closed.”

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“Nevertheless, we are coming to believe that a new period of open hostility between the two powers has arrived.”

The CIA also noted that the Chinese previously sent troops instead of police and border guards to patrol their border along the USSR.

“With relations at a low ebb, the Chinese evidently do not exempt the Soviets when they speak … of the danger of agent infiltration and subversion by the imperialists,” the agency added.

Putin Tries To Bring In Beijing’s Great Firewall

This period, Russia and China are working closely together. According to reports, Russia is now trying to incorporate element of China’s Great Firewall to its “Red Web.”

According to The Guardian, the move comes at a time when there is unprecedented cyber collaboration between the countries. More importantly, Russia issued a decision earlier blocking LinkedIn in the country. Reports said this is one of the most evident ways to subject the internet to greater state control.

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