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Russia Can Annihilate NATO In 60 Hours

Russia Can Annihilate NATO In 60 Hours
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Russia Can Annihilate NATO In 60 Hours

Russia, NATO and member nations have been at odds with each other especially since the military build near Moscow’s borders. Several experts, however, believe that even with the alliance, Russia could be capable of taking over Germany and Poland in just several days should the countries really go at war. Is Russia really capable of such?

Russia is More Powerful than NATO

Michael Carpenter, U.S. deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, claimed that NATO is not yet ready to have a faceoff with Russia’s army. According to a think tank report, if NATO goes to war against Russia then it would only take around 60 hours for the latter to overtake its army. The comments came at a time when NATO is starting to hold military exercises and put up military forces near Russia’s border.

Several months back, RAND think tank released a report saying that Russia could take down NATO in the Baltic region in just 60 hours. Carpenter confirmed that contents of the report are true when Senator Cory Gardner asked him about it. Nonetheless, the United States could help bolder NATO’s presence and capability for better odds.

“I’m confident by the end of 2017, when we have an additional armored brigade combat team worth of force posture on the eastern flank of the alliance, that we will be,” Daily Mail quoted Carpenter. 

Russia Must Be Stopped Now

Nadia Savchenko also warned that Vladimir Putin’s forces should be stopped now or they will be able to take over Poland or Germany.

“It might be uncomfortable for Europe or even America for some time. But they need to understand that if they don’t stop Russia on the border of Ukraine, next time it will be on the border with Poland or the border with Germany,” The Telegraph quoted Savchenko who is also considered Ukraine’s “Joan of Arc.”

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