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Russia To Become A Threat If Provoked

Russia To Become A Threat If Provoked
Vladimir Putin Russian Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons cc


Russia To Become A Threat If Provoked

Russia has been against a slew of political challenges for the past few months, with NATO’s stance becoming more aggressive than ever. While NATO and the United States have repeatedly emphasized how dangerous Russia is, experts argue that Moscow is only a threat if backed into a corner. Are NATO and the U.S. playing games, or is Russia really a threat to the world?

Russia Is Not a Threat?

Russia has been a declining power, with analysts saying it is a shattered empire. However, its president, Vladimir Putin, is an expert strategist who has perfected a foreign policy comprised of bluff, gamesmanship, and chutzpah. Putin’s goal is to convince the world to follow his bid and expand Russia’s influence.

According to National Interest, Putin wants to influence the world stage to exempt Russia from international law and other rules that bind it.

Putin has mastered the art of extortion that will project a threatening image, enough to force superpowers like the West to let Russia have its way rather than stress it out. It appears that Russia is successful, at least based on Loren Thompson’s recent “Why The Baltic States Are Where Nuclear War Is Most Likely To Begin,” as reported via National Interest.

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However, the report contends that there might be more to this, and that Russia is not really a threat. Putin is more practical than a fanatic, and he would welcome positive outcomes more than risking a lot of things. However, the world should not turn a blind eye to perceived Russian aggression as things could still escalate.

NATO Should Prepare for War?

NATO’s former European chief, on other other hand, said that NATO should increase its troop in Poland significantly as Russia could sneak in an attack.

“It is clear that Russia is capable of surprising the West… with potentially devastating implications for eastern Poland and fatal consequences to the Alliance,” Sputnik quoted General Sir Richard Shirreff.

“Even if Moscow currently has no immediate intent to challenge NATO directly, this may unexpectedly change overnight and can be implemented with great speed, following already prepared plans,” said the General.

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