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Putin Prepares 12 Monster Warships, NATO Calls Out West For Being Too Slow

Putin Prepares 12 Monster Warships, NATO Calls Out West For Being Too Slow
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Putin Prepares 12 Monster Warships, NATO Calls Out West For Being Too Slow

Vladimir Putin wants to keep his sea games strong as he is reportedly planning a fleet of massive warships that can beat French and British forces. Russian troops have been amassing on European borders, and Moscow is not taking any chances that it will have the weaker hand if war escalates. Can NATO and other Russian “enemies” hold their ground against Putin?

Putin Prepares 12 Monster Warships

Putin wants to make sure that Russia will have the upper hand at sea if war ensues against NATO, including other members in the European region. The new warship is expected to be packed with a nuclear reactor. Weighing at 17,500-tonne, the vessel will be equipped with laser cannons and missiles. More importantly, the vessel should be able to move quickly without being traced.

Intelligent reports suggest that Russia could be looking into creating 12 massive ships under its top secret Project 23560 Lider program, which is expected to be game changing. According to the Daily Star, Russia has a growing submarine fleet, and its massive warships could surround Britain and stop supplies.

The report comes at a time when Russian troops have been reportedly building up right at Europe’s doorstep in Ukraine and near the Baltic States. There have been World War 3 fears going around because of NATO’s confirmation of its stance against Russia.

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On top of the warship threat from Russia, NATO has been putting pressure on the West to react to Russia as a perceived threat. Another report from RT claims that a NATO general called out Western officials for being “too slow” in countering Russia.

NATO Calls Out West for Being Too Slow

General Denis Mercier, head of the Allied Command for Transformation (ACT), one of the two top military positions in the bloc, said that politicians of NATO states are too slow in making decisions about facing Russia.

“It’s one of the lessons from Ukraine,” said Gen Mercier.

“High responsiveness relies on two points. On the military side it relies on the ability to operate very quickly. But it also relies on responsiveness in political decisions.”

The general also complained that NATO states did not act as fast.

“We can have forces ready to deploy in 24 hours but they are only going to do that if the [North Atlantic Council] gives them the order.”

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