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Putin and Obama War Escalates, Russia Plans Using Invisible Tanks for Attack – Report

Putin and Obama War Escalates, Russia Plans Using Invisible Tanks for Attack – Report
Barack Obama delivers statement on US Consulate attack in Benghazi Sep12, 2012 Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson/ Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Putin and Obama War Escalates, Russia Plans Using Invisible Tanks for Attack – Report

The United States and Russia are nowhere finding a common ground for peace. Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama are now engaged in a war of words that could lead to further escalation. Who will win if the next world war ensues?

Putin and Obama War Escalates

The Kremlin recently claimed that President Obama has been using the “Russian card” in an attempt to put down Donald Trump. There has been an emerging war of words between the Democratic public officials and Russian President Putin. The two parties are reportedly trying to compete on who gets to hold the White House this November.

According to WTHR, as opposed as to what many would think or call the latest exchange, Putin has been looming over the US election in strange ways. Likewise, Trump has expressed his fondness over the Russian leader. The candidate went as far to say that Putin is a better and stronger leader compared to Obama and American military generals.

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Further proof of how the war is escalating, Hillary Clinton seems the collateral. The candidate has been in the middle of a controversy following the email leaks from the Democratic National Committee.

According to US intelligence, Russia is to be blamed for it. The war of words is just a start as Russia is also not taking any chances in giving the US leeway when it comes to military advancement.

Russia Plans Using Invisible Tanks for Attack

According to Daily Star, Russia is splurging on a massive fleet of “invisible” tanks that will be equipped with stealth coating to avoid enemy radar. The report also added that Putin is putting as much as more than $20 million dollars into the project to change the tides.

Moscow has reportedly placed an initial order of 100 T-14 Armata tanks as part of its efforts to modernize its armed forces. The tanks will also come with UV detectors that give instant warning is there incoming fire. The 125mm smoothbore cannon, on other other hand, have 100 shots per minute fire rate. It can also destroy targets even five miles away.

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