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Putin Could Drop Nuclear Bomb Off Scottish Coast – Report

Putin Could Drop Nuclear Bomb Off Scottish Coast – Report
Russia Victory Day Parade President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0


Putin Could Drop Nuclear Bomb Off Scottish Coast – Report

A senior Russian politician has dared its president, Vladimir Putin, to drop a bomb on Faroe Islands, across the Great Britain, just to prove to the world that the Kremlin has the military might and that it should be taken seriously.

That chilling suggestion was made by Liberal Democrat Leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky when he was quoted on a Ukrainian news website this week, the Mirror reported.

According to the report, Zhirinovsky demanded that Putin should bomb the island just 200 miles west of Great Britain to show to the world that Russia is capable of causing such destruction. Some islands near the area where Zhirinovsky described are not that densely populated.

However, an attack of such magnitude in the absence of war could spell disaster. A single nuclear bomb could easily wipe out residents in Faroe Islands from the map.

“In the North Sea there is a small island, a small country of 200,000 people. Brussels should say: Look, here is an island. Now there is no island. The country is no longer. We should show what our nuclear forces are capable of,” Zhirinovsky was quoted as saying by the Mirror.

Meanwhile, amid the brewing tension between NATO member states and Russia, Sweden recently accepted the alliance’s troops in its territory. However, the agreement signed between the Swedish government and NATO wasn’t issued smoothly, RT reported.

In fact, before the Swedish parliament passed a legislation formalizing the deal, the same agreement received several criticisms. But despite the strong opposition, Sweden’s MP has passed into law the Host National Support Agreement (HNSA) that paved the way for the entry of NATO states in the Nordic country.

The HNSA was initially signed in 2014 but it was only until recently that NATO troops were allowed to enter Sweden due to strong opposition.

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