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Philippines Woes Beijing For China-Russia War Against The United States, Report

Philippines Woes Beijing For China-Russia War Against The United States, Report
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Philippines Woes Beijing For China-Russia War Against The United States, Report

The United States seems to be losing allies as it continuously goes up against other superpowers like China and Russia. In a surprising turn of events, one of its long-standing allies, the Philippines, has seemingly turned sides, wooing China despite the tensions brewing and possible war. Will World War 3 happen?

The Philippines’ relations with the United States is souring very quickly as President Rodrigo Duterte seem to be siding with China instead of Washington. According to reports, Duterte will be visiting China in hope of better deals while he also seeks to end joint military drills with the United States.

Philippines Woes Beijing

“China has repeatedly invited me. I have accepted the offer,” Duterte told the press while also announcing his visit slated for October 19 – 21.

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Furthermore, RT reported that the president’s visit to China is already oversubscribed noting how eager the business and government officials are to talk about the multi-sector economic cooperation with Beijing.

As the friendship with China flourishes, the opposite is happening with the United States. Duterte called out US President Barack Obama for his “arrogance.”

“For as long as I am there, do not treat us like a doormat because you’ll be sorry for it,” Duterte threatened. “I will not speak with you. I can always go to China.”

Another report from CBS news sheds light on how things are going on between China and the Philippines.

“China anticipates that President Duterte’s visit can help with enhancing political trust … dealing with disputes properly through dialogue and bringing the bilateral strategic cooperative relationship for peace and development back to the track of sound and steady development,” explained Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang during a regular news briefing.

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