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Obama Warns Beijing It Could Go To War Over South China Sea – Report

Obama Warns Beijing It Could Go To War Over South China Sea – Report
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Obama Warns Beijing It Could Go To War Over South China Sea – Report

A gathering of leaders would lead to two things: reconciliation or further reiteration of differences. US President Barack Obama just warned China of the possible consequences should it continue its bid in the South China Sea region. Will US and China go to a new world war?

Obama Warns Beijing

President Obama just made the message clear to China: it will suffer consequences should it continue its aggressive behavior. The Western official also urged the Communist nation to stop prompting fears from its neighbors especially with its bid in the South China Sea.

“Part of what I’ve talked to communicate to President Xi (Jinping) is that the United States arrives at its power, in part, by restraining itself,” NDTV quoted the president.

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“You know, when we bind ourselves to a bunch of international norms and rules, it’s not because we have to, it’s because we recognize that, over the long-term, building a strong international order is in our interests. And, I think, over the long-term, it will be in China’s interests, as well,” he added.

Obama also reiterated that the United States has been very firm with China at times when it decided to break the international rules and norms as such in the case of the South China Sea. He also asserted that there is no reason for China and US not to be friendly competitors especially on the commercial side and in tackling many global concerns. He also emphasized that China has been under a Communist regime for many years and it was “much more anti-Western” in the past.

Red Carpet Furor

However, China is getting back at the United States for something else entirely different. According to CNBC, China has blamed the “highly unprofessional” U.S. media for exaggerating the fact that Obama did not have a carpet or stairs. According to report, it appears that China has been stung by the criticism on how it dealt with the US leader.

“They fabricated news and added wild guesses to it without getting to the bottom of this issue,” said foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying.

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