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NATO Vs Russia More Dangerous Than South China Sea War

NATO Vs Russia More Dangerous Than South China Sea War
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NATO Vs Russia More Dangerous Than South China Sea War

NATO’s stance over Russia has been confusing for the past few weeks that some experts agree that the alliance is playing a dangerous game it might not know the consequences to. On one side, NATO continues to build up defenses against Moscow; on the other, it wants to pursue dialogue. Will NATO’s game of fire eventually burn it?

NATO vs Russia

It has been 70 years since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been created. Since the Cold War, this is the only time the alliance has found itself investing on more troops and military presence in light of what it calls the “Russian aggression.”

According to the organization, Russia has been linked to increasing assertiveness and military power thus the increase investment in military forces and assets is also necessary.

According to CNN, the alliance appears to be eager to avoid conflict with Moscow as much as possible but there are alarming activities from the other side which could not be ignored. This stems from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine up to its “provocative military conduct against NATO allies,” not to mention the aggressive encounters with U.S. ships and aircraft.

NATO vs Russia More Dangerous than South China Sea

Nonetheless, The Guardian argues that the alliance is playing a dangerous game with Russia given its current decisions and efforts. The result of the Warsaw meeting will likely impact global security on a stronger level compared to the current South China Sea tensions. Western leaders have reiterated to the public about “deterrence and dialogue” against what Putin’s “aggressive Russia.”

“But the reality is that they have just given weighty political endorsement to 4,000 NATO – mostly US – forces now being stationed in the Baltic states and Poland, including possibly in the highly dangerous Suwalki Gap, which separates the Kaliningrad enclave from mainland Russia,” the report claimed.

Situation has not been as dangerous since Europe 1913 or 1939. While NATO officials assure the world that the situation could be handled safely, the report argues that hostilities can be initiated or start accidentally. Even “warmongering idiots” can provoke things locally and push it to nuclear levels.

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