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NATO Rehearsing For Russian Invasion, Report

NATO Rehearsing For Russian Invasion, Report


NATO Rehearsing For Russian Invasion, Report

The NATO alliance will not just sit idly by and be complacent. Today, 24 NATO and partner nations have come together in Poland for one of the biggest military exercises. They are training for every single scenario to enhance everyone’s interoperability and ability to respond against any enemy with skilled precision and effectiveness.

ANAKONDA-16 is an exercise aimed at getting NATO troops ready, especially the Polish Armed Forces. Poland has been the subject of Russia’s ire for years, along with Romania. Moscow was especially not pleased when it learned that Poland has become a site for a ballistic defense missile that aims to protect the NATO alliance in Europe.

The U.S. has repeatedly insisted that such a missile technology is not aimed in any way at Russia, but Moscow refuses to accept this and sees this as an act of aggression.

According to the Polish military, Anakonda is organized and conducted every two years. The previous editions of the exercise has seen almost 50,000 soldiers coming together to train in various relevant combat scenarios.

According to Gen. Mark Milley, the 39th U.S. Army chief of staff, the goal of Anakonda is to be able to ” demonstrate that we are shoulder to shoulder with the Polish people, we are shoulder to shoulder with the Polish Army and we are shoulder to shoulder with NATO to ensure that all the countries of NATO remain free and independent.”

On June 7, the exercised kicked off into high gear. As much as 2,000 parachutist from Poland, the U.S. and Great Britain carried out an airborne operation near Toruń.

The next day, a multinational engineering battalion built a crossing on the Vistula River that allowed 300 vehicles to make its way to Baltic countries. Today, it will be the turn of anti-aircraft and antimissile defense subunits. They will be participating in exercises that involve field shooting.

On June 10, both Polish and American forces will be making a night assault from 35 helicopters. The day after that, there will also be a drill involving sub-units of chemical forces as well as military medical services. They will train in counteracting threats regarding weapons of mass destruction while also conducting an evacuation.

The message is clear, the NATO alliance is trained for every single possible combat scenario. This means it’s ready to respond to anything Russia or any other nation throws at it.

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