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NATO Provokes Russia, Moscow Finds New Ally

NATO Provokes Russia, Moscow Finds New Ally
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NATO Provokes Russia, Moscow Finds New Ally

Despite expressing willingness to extend an open dialogue with Russia, NATO seems to be doing the opposite as the alliance continues to provoke the former. Amidst the tensions, Moscow may have stumbled on a new ally through Hungary. Will the war persist or end soon?

NATO Provoking Russia

Times remain tensed between Russia and NATO even with disclaimers from both parties saying neither is trying to start a war. The French journal Le Monde diplomatique even claimed that “the North Atlantic Alliance represents a relic of the Cold War and should have disappeared after the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

NATO is pursuing a provocative course against Russia, as plans of its troops deployment to Poland and Baltic States have been confirmed and reported via Le Monde diplomatique.

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According to TASS, citing the French journal and its editorial called “Atlantic Provocations,” it appears that NATO is still entrenched in a Cold War mentality.

“You can imagine Russia’s reaction to the Alliance’s decision to hold the summit in a place where the Warsaw pact was signed in May 1955. Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko, who wages an undeclared war against Russia, was invited to the session in the Polish capital, though his country is not a member of NATO,” said the journal.

“So why is the Alliance aggravating tensions between European countries and Russia? This allows Washington to hamper any rapprochement between them,” concluded the editorial.

Hungary Favors Russia

However, even with such actions against Russia, one country does not find it as threatening. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that NATO is operating on an “unrealistic” notion that Russia will be attacking any NATO member.

“I don’t think it is a realistic assumption today that Russia would attack any NATO member state,” Reuters quoted the official.

“This is not how we feel about Russia. I don’t think Russia would pose an existential threat to us,” he said.

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