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NATO Beware, Russia Is Developing The ‘Terminator 3’

NATO Beware, Russia Is Developing The ‘Terminator 3’
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NATO Beware, Russia Is Developing The ‘Terminator 3’

Tensions are high between Russia, NATO and the United States as territorial ambitions are put into question over the European region. Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to retaliate against US missiles in Romania while a new report suggests that Russia has a new mysterious terminator fighting vehicle that NATO should be afraid of.

Russia’s New Terminator 3

Russia has a new terminator fighting vehicle: the Terminator 3.

“Russia also plans to develop its tank support fighting vehicle dubbed the Terminator-3 on the basis of the country’s latest Armata tanks,” explained Oleg Sienko, a senior manager with Uralvagonzavod Corporation was reported as saying by National Interest.

“We will [produce them]. We have a concept for developing vehicles on the basis of the Armata platform,” Sienko added.

The official did not divulge further details about the new combat vehicle other than it will follow the Armata chassis.

According to the report, the Terminator 3 – along with two other previous Terminator vehicles – are heavily equipped and can support tanks in combat.

Russia to Retaliate against NATO

Putin emphasized that Russia will be resorting to retaliation against the decision of the United States to deploy missile in Romania. Previously, the United States deployed the ground-based missile defense system in Romania that is meant to help Europe fight against rogue states such as Iran. Washington also clarified that the system will not target Moscow’s missiles.

“If yesterday in those areas of Romania people simply didn’t know what it means to be in the cross hairs, then today we will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security,” CNN quoted Russia.

“Any threats from Russia are unjustified and irresponsible,” said NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu. “Russia knows full well that our Ballistic Missile Defense system is defensive and neither designed nor directed against Russia.”

NATO also clarified that the missiles cannot be utilized in an offensive manner. Nonetheless, Putin is not taking changes.

“It will be the same case with Poland,” warned the president.

“We will wait until Poland takes certain action. We won’t take any action until we see rockets in areas that neighbor us.”

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