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Israel Is Showing Signs It Will Ally With Vladimir Putin

Israel Is Showing Signs It Will Ally With Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Russian Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons cc


Israel Is Showing Signs It Will Ally With Vladimir Putin

Russia has promised that the European Union will see consequences if it implements its recent resolution. The group has decided to push back against the Russian media, to which Moscow expressed anger. Will the new resolution push the two parties to the brink of WW3?

The EU is cracking down on Russian media, and the Kremlin is not liking it. According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, the country will resort to retaliatory measures should the EU resolution be implemented.

Moscow Ready To Attack Europe

“We hope that the resolution will not entail practical steps on curbing the work of the Russian media,” said  the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova during a press briefing.

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“There is hope that such steps will not follow, because the adoption of such a document caused massive uproar, for one, in the EU itself,” RT quoted Zakharova.

“If this document is applied and implemented to curb the activities of the Russian media on EU member states’ territories, then we will of course take measures in response.”

In the previous week, EU Parliament mandated a draft that allows EU to respond to Russia’s information warfare.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the decision is “political degradation.” He added that Europe should deal with issues better instead of lecturing Russia.

Israel Allies With Putin?

Nonetheless, an Israeli official said that while tensions are high, Europe could learn a thing or two from Putin. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has been asking Europe to be tougher on Turkey. Lieberman then goes to say that European diplomats should look at how Putin does things.

“You need to learn from Putin how to deal with Erdogan,” Haaretz quoted the official.

“Within three months, Putin made Erdogan fold,” diplomats cited him as saying.

This comes at a time when Russia has warned the West about escalating things further.

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