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Destruction Of EU And NATO At Hand, Vladimir Putin Funds Anti-West Propaganda – Report

Destruction Of EU And NATO At Hand, Vladimir Putin Funds Anti-West Propaganda – Report
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0


Destruction Of EU And NATO At Hand, Vladimir Putin Funds Anti-West Propaganda – Report

As it turns out, Russia is not alone in the war against the U.S. In fact, it has made a lot of friends in recent years ready for war should Vladimir Putin call upon them.

The past few months showed that not much can deter Russian aggression, not even when the U.S. and its NATO allies are patrolling and operating near its borders. As Morning News USA previously reported, it was revealed that Russia has a series of underground nuclear command posts. It managed to sneak in military vehicles into Crimea. It also recently introduced its new fifth generation Sukhoi T-50 fighter capable of operating with stealth.

Russia Is Exercising Soft Power, New Report Reveals

Today, a new report from the Wilfred Martens Centre reveals that the Russian government has been officially and unofficially funding a number of organizations operating in Europe in an attempt to capitalize on their use of “soft power,” or the ability to gain support by attracting people instead of coercing them.

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The government-organized non-governmental organizations (GONGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and think tanks receiving Russian funding aim to shift public opinion across Europe in a way that Russian policies and politics will be taken in a positive view.

More importantly, these organizations work hard so Russia can be respected for its “power ambitions.” They do these while spreading the message that the U.S. is a common enemy for both Russia and the rest of Europe. What is alarming is that a number of these organizations have branches throughout Europe.

Because of this, the report recommends that the EU should improve its efforts in promoting itself as a “force for human rights, the rule of law, freedom and equality.” The media and various civil society organizations around the EU must also help in spreading facts about Russia’s disinformation campaigns, especially those launched by Russian funded think thanks who are based in the EU.

If nothing is done, it is possible for Russia to succeed in this soft power war.

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