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China, Russia Supersede Pentagon’s Military Weapons

China, Russia Supersede Pentagon’s Military Weapons


China, Russia Supersede Pentagon’s Military Weapons

Over the past months, military powerhouses have been flexing their military muscles within their periphery to ward off its enemies. Both Russia and China have been displaying their military might in the Baltic Sea and South China Sea, respectively, as a means to shoo the Americans.

In terms of military powers, China, Russia, and the United States are now in equal footing. According to experts, this is a sign that the weapons gap between the three military powerhouses is shrinking. The three countries’ military forces are all equipped with in ground and air technologies that are ready to strike on command.

The United Sates used to hold the top spot in terms of military might. However, with Russia and China continuing to strengthen its alliance and military cooperation, it may not be for long before they surpassed Pentagon in this regard.

In fact on April 29, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian federation announced its first joint computer-command-and-staff exercise on electronic antimissile Aerospace defense system.

According to official announcement, the exercise is aimed at practicing joint actions of the Russian and Chinese operational groups aimed at protection of territories from sudden and provocative missile strikes.

International experts echo the same comment that China and Russia, in particular, have been improving their military powers to target vital military installations of the U.S, including its aircrafts and military ships.

This has been validated by the recent close maneuvers made by Russian ships and planes while an American aircraft or ship were traversing the international waters of the Baltic Sea, as previously reported by the Morning News USA.

“Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. military has never really had to fight an enemy that had its own arsenal of precision-guided weapons. It was able to use air bases and other bases located fairly close to the borders of an enemy because there wasn’t that much of an air and missile threat to those bases,” Mark Gunzinger, senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments was quoted as saying by The Hill in a report.

Gunzinger, however, said that scenario is changing. It’s been reported that both China and Russia are currently working on a technology that could revolutionize its ballistic and cruise missile systems. This technology can be catastrophic to both air and ground military personnel of the U.S.

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