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China Readies Fearless Aviators, Hypersonic Weapons & Anti-Laser Smoke

China Readies Fearless Aviators, Hypersonic Weapons & Anti-Laser Smoke


China Readies Fearless Aviators, Hypersonic Weapons & Anti-Laser Smoke

The United States recently named China as one of the top security threats and it may not just be true for the West but also for the world over especially the Asia Pacific. According to new reports, China is continuously building up its military arsenal with hypersonic weapons, smoke that can destroy laser systems and a violent recruitment. Will China rise to superpower?

Several years back, a high-ranking US naval official claimed that  China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) intended to wage war if necessary. The official said that it will be “a short sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea.”

Capt. James Fanell made the remark in relation to China’s training exercises linked to Japanese holdings in the East China Sea. Fanell was the deputy chief of staff intelligence and information operations for PACFLEET at that time. Back then the remark took the press by storm, according to National Interest. Beijing’s rapid military modernization clearly present signs of danger.

That remark was true as the situation in the Asia-Pacific has turn more dangerous. The report noted that should there be war in the region in light of the current tensions, China would most likely use the much discussed anti-access/area-denial strategy (A2/AD). Using such weapon on top of a range of cruise and ballistic missiles, can enable China to rain down on allied bases and against incoming forces.

This is not the only thing that China has got up its sleeves, People’s Liberation Army is also thinking about using smokescreens against lasers. published a report on the matter, as reported by Business Insider. Smoke is often used in the battlefield as a means to conceal assets but when used against lasers, they can also become serious potential armor.

The force that will accompany such strategies is also very important as such that China has also been reportedly using an expensive new recruitment video to swell its ranks. The video is a hybrid of an action movie and video game. The video shows military members as super soldiers, fearless aviators and heroes with advanced weapons and equipment. There is also a heavy rock song and rap that comes with it that encourages recruits to “kill, kill, kill,” as reported by SBS.

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