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Britain No Match Against Russia In The Battlefield

Britain No Match Against Russia In The Battlefield
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Britain No Match Against Russia In The Battlefield

Europe is bracing itself for a possible Russian invasion, and the odds are not great following a leaked report comparing Britain’s forces to Moscow. According to the report, Russia could outgun British troops on the battlefield, which is not good news amidst rising tensions. Will Russia conquer Europe?

NATO and UK Struggling

European nations with NATO at the front have considered Russia a threat. While that premise has been on the table for the longest time, a recent leaked report should prove that there is some weight to the claim. However, that claim is only applicable should European nations and Russia go out on the battlefield.

Russia has been linked to a number of military advances in the European region, and parties like NATO and the U.S. have called out such activities. While the latter two are trying to match Russia’s strength, a leaked report suggests that Britain may have to step up if it wants to meet Russia on the battlefield.

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According to an assessment by the British Army’s warfare branch, seen by The Times newspaper, Russian weapons like air defense systems and rocket launchers are far superior compared to what the British have. The report came following statements from Vladimir Putin and Theresa May expressing displeasure over the current state of Russian-British relations, according to the Telegraph.

Britain No Match Against Russia

The report emphasized that the United Kingdom are struggling to catch up with Russian capability to hijack enemies electronically.

“In the unlikely event of a direct confrontation between NATO and RUS [Russia], we must acknowledge that RUS currently has a significant capability edge over UK force elements,” the paper reported.

“Due to the fact that some of our high-end military capabilities have been eroded since 2003, we must find ways to ‘fight smarter’ at the tactical level, acknowledging that some adversaries may be armed with weapons that are superior to our own.”

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