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Ukraine Fires Missiles To Crimea, Provokes Putin’s Ire

Ukraine Fires Missiles To Crimea, Provokes Putin’s Ire
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Ukraine Fires Missiles To Crimea, Provokes Putin’s Ire

The Russian Black Sea Fleet is on high alert after Ukraine conducted missile tests west of the Crimean peninsula. The Russian government has called the tests “a dangerous precedent,” with many fearing this could be the spark to ignite WW3.

The Ukrainian military successfully completed the first two days of the Black Sea missile tests that began on Thursday. In a statement, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said they have launched a total of 16 missiles, all of which hit their targets.

Ukrainian Military Held Missile Tests 30 km West Of Crimea

According to BBC, the ministry stated that the S-300 medium-range surface-to-air missiles were being tested in the area. They also stated that the tests were all in accordance with international laws.

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However, the fact that the missiles came within 30 km of Crimean airspace was enough to cause concern for Vladimir Putin. The Russian navy has been dispatched to the peninsula to provide air defense to what is now considered Russian airspace. This move has triggered WW3 fears as Russia continues to throw its weight around the region.

Russia annexed the Crimea in 2014 under the pretense of bringing it into the fold. The move was met with widespread criticism and led to the fighting in Eastern Ukraine between the government and separatists aided by Moscow. Russia has denied these allegations, however, saying that the separatists are fighting against the Ukrainian government unaided.

Russia Received No Response From Kiev To Halt The Tests

According to RT, Russia has asked Kiev to abstain from conducting the test but was unable to receive a response. Russian transport minister Maksim Sokolov also requested the International Civil Aviation Organization to declare Crimea a danger zone. This request went unanswered.

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However, the Ukrainian government changed the boundaries of the danger zone just ahead of the scheduled tests. This report comes from the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, which said that measures were carried out so the tests will not breach Russian airspace.

The Russian-Ukrainian border has become one of the most hostile areas in the world after the annexation of Crimea. In 2014, a commercial aircraft, Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17 was shot down by a SAM, which allegedly came from the separatists.

The region is considered by many to be one of the possible flashpoints for WW3. Like Syria, the region is in dire need of a lasting solution before it gets out of hand.

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