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Evidence That Vladimir Putin Tampered With US Election Found, Senate Democrats Urge President To Investigate

Evidence That Vladimir Putin Tampered With US Election Found, Senate Democrats Urge President To Investigate
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Evidence That Vladimir Putin Tampered With US Election Found, Senate Democrats Urge President To Investigate

One of the most pervasive claims made during the 2016 presidential election were the accusations that Russia was meddling in order to put Donald Trump in the White House. Now, President Obama has heeded the advice of Senate Democrats and will look into the issue possibly risking WW3 with Russia.

The White House said on Thursday that it will review a request to release new information on the alleged Russian hacking to the public. The request was made by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence under the pretense that the Kremlin tampered with US election results.

Senate democrats ask President Obama to declassify information regarding the alleged Russian hacking.

According to the Washington Times, Seven Democrats on the Senate sent a letter to President Obama on Wednesday. The senators asked the administration to declassify more information about Russia’s suspected interference in the U.S. presidential election.

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The administration has accused Russia of hacking DNC databases as well as the email accounts of several prominent Democrats. Among the victims of the cyber attacks was John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief. The accusations became so intense that many observers believe it will serve as the spark that will ignite WW3.

The hacked emails were later released on the web to be seen by millions of Americans. This was seen by many observers as an effort to damage Clinton’s integrity by revealing private dealings of her staff. This inadvertently led to Trump’s victory in the November 8 election.

Current evidence cannot prove that Russia meddled in the presidential election.

However, according to Politifact, there is currently no sufficient evidence to implicate Russia in the cyber attacks. While investigations may reveal more details later on, making blind accusations could be rash considering the tenuous relations between the two countries.

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Furthermore, despite their mutual respect for each other, Vladimir Putin has not revealed if he truly prefers Trump over Clinton. It is known that Clinton and Putin have a rocky relationship during the former’s time as Secretary of State. However, the Russian leader might also be weary of Trump’s unpredictability.

At this time, it is not likely that Russia had anything to do with Trump’s election victory. Nevertheless, it seems that Democrats are willing to do anything to thwart a Trump presidency even at the risk of triggering WW3.

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