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Third World War Predicted In May 2017: Russia To Invade The Baltic States

Third World War Predicted In May 2017: Russia To Invade The Baltic States
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Third World War Predicted In May 2017: Russia To Invade The Baltic States

A former Nato commander has predicted that there would be a war in 2017, a war initiated by the most dangerous enemy in the West—Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

On Wednesday, General Richard Shireff launched his book entitled 2017 War With Russia, where he detailed out the specifics in the looming nuclear war, which could potentially cause great chaos in the world.

In the book, Shireff predicted that Putin would invade the Baltic States via the Latvia. Sensing a resistance from NATO, Shireff said Putin would threaten a nuclear attack should NATO response with a military action, the Independent reported. The NATO deputy commander-turned author even predicted that the war would erupt in May next year.

“A hesitant Nato will face catastrophe; the day of reckoning for its failure to match strong political statements with strong military forces finally arrives,“ Shireff was quoted as saying by the Independent.

To support these rather chilling predictions, Shireff noted the conflict between Russia and Georgia in 2008 as well as Russia’s move to annex Crimea in 2014, as the prequel to Putin’s plan.

Shireff, however, said most of the factors that have pushed to the conflict in the Baltic region and the Eastern Europe are motivated by ground factors rather than part of Putin’s concerted effort.

In a separate report from the Daily Star, it was revealed how Russia overpowered the NATO in terms of nuclear power. The London-based newspaper also reported that the nuclear weapon availability per country, Russia takes the lead with 7,300 nuclear weapons.

The United States trailed behind with 6,970, while France has 300. China and the United Kingdom rounded up the top five list with 260 and 215 nuclear weapons, respectively.

Shirref served as NATO’s deputy commander for Europe from 2011 to 2014. He served the agency during different world conflicts including the first Gulf War as well as the war in Iraq.

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