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War Or Peace? Russia, US Sending Mixed Signals

War Or Peace? Russia, US Sending Mixed Signals
Meeting with President of the United States Barack Obama President of Russia / Official Website CC by 4.0


War Or Peace? Russia, US Sending Mixed Signals

The United States and Russia have been at opposite ends for the most part even with the peace treaty in Syria in order. According to critics, the tensions between the country and even possibly a new world war could be blamed over stupidity and incompetence. Will tensions further escalate?

It has always been a strained relationship since Moscow made a move in Ukraine. The United States condemned Russia for interfering with the affairs of Ukraine resulting to sanctions against Moscow. Russia authorities did not like the sanctions, constantly refusing accusations. They also called such decision as counterproductive, as reported by Sputnik. Nonetheless, this is not the only issue at hand.

According to US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, the incompetence and even ignorance of some of his colleagues have let strained the US-Russian relations. Rohrabacher added he is horrified at the ignorance of US politicians.

“The children of our countries will pay for the stupidity of what is going on in our relations,” he said. He also laughed at how the US leadership portrayed Russia as the “greatest threat” to its security.

Nonetheless, the US politician is grateful for what Russia did in Syria.

“Thank you for what you are doing in Syria. From me!” RT quoted Rohrabacher as he stood before the Russian and US parliamentary delegations.

“I’ve been talking to ordinary Americans and I say: It’s great they have Russia down there killing the terrorists that want to kill us. And they thank you too,” added the congressman.

The head of the Upper House Committee for International Relations, Konstantin Kosachev, welcomed the congressman and thanked him for attempting to initiate inter-parliamentary discussions between Washington and Moscow. Kosachev highlighted the importance of such efforts before communication or discussions between the two countries are almost at standstill.

“This with all certainty was not a result of the Russian initiative. We have always committed to the most open wide and open dialogue,” said Kosachev.

“We consider it a very important source for solving common problems and search for joint solutions.”

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