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Vladimir Putin Evacuating Russians For Nuclear War With America

Vladimir Putin Evacuating Russians For Nuclear War With America
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Vladimir Putin Evacuating Russians For Nuclear War With America

In WW3 news, more than forty million people have been evacuated by Russia in drills to prepare for a possible nuclear war. This, after Putin’s Ministry of Defense gave warnings for such.

The Ministry warned of “schizophrenics from America sharpening atomic weapons for Moscow.”

WW3 News: War with West

It was conveyed to Russian citizens that a war with the West could be most probable. Kremlin officials also informed that underground bunkers have been built to shelter 12 million people.

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According to Daily Mail, the major evacuation drill initiated yesterday and would last for three days.

“The three-stage four-day drill involves more than 40 million people, more than 200,000 specialists of rescue units based in regions, organizations and enterprises, as well as some 50,000 units of equipment,” a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters informed.

“Emergency Ministry’s forces and facilities are fully engaged, including rescue military divisions, rescue units, paramilitary mine rescue units and State Small Vessels Inspectorate, fire departments and aircraft.”

WW3 News: Immediate Nuclear War

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin talked about a law that would suspend a Moscow-Washington treaty to get rid of weapons-grade plutonium.

The conflict between Russia and the Western powers has taken place over Russia’s policy in Syria, where Russia was alleged to be bombing civilians. The U.S. put an end to negotiations with Russia yesterday.

Metro reported that Russia and NATO are both in adequately capable positions to initiate global-scale nuclear attacks.

According to the Arms Control Association, the United States and Russia might still use 1,500 strategic warheads or more on multiple bombers and missiles, which are more than necessary to discourage nuclear attacks. On the other hand, the nations are also modernizing nuclear delivery systems.

WW3 News: Russia Exits Nuclear Agreement

While relationships with the United States drastically deteriorated due to a radically changed environment, Putin came out of an historical nuclear security agreement.

In 2000, the treaty was concluded to finalize the disposal of plutonium. Plutonium was the material used in a few nuclear weapons, thus the treaty acted as one of the massive disarmament deals of the early post-Cold War period, according to the New York Times.

“The threat to strategic stability posed by the hostile actions of the U.S. against Russia, and the inability of the U.S. to deliver on the obligation to dispose of excessive weapons plutonium under international treaties,” wrote Putin.

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