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UK To Lose War Vs Russia And China

UK To Lose War Vs Russia And China
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UK To Lose War Vs Russia And China

The growing tension among world powers, including Russia, China and Europe, have gotten the world on its toes. As the United Kingdom finds itself in the middle of a dangerous situation, a top military official said that the country is not prepared to fight Russia and China. Will the UK lose to the two rising super powers?

UK to Lose in War With Russia and China

Despite talks on peace and requests from international leaders to ease up tensions, Russia and China continue to be in the middle of tensions and debate. While the two countries maintain that they are not seeking war, their actions were still questioned. As the United Kingdom continues to be part of the situation, a top British military commander warns that the country should not go looking for trouble with two countries as it may not be able to handle the war.

Admiral Alan William John West, who once led Britain’s Royal Navy, warned that the world has become more dangerous and chaotic. In fact, the official said there could be conflict looming at any time.

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“If you look at the tensions in the world it is more chaotic and dangerous than it has been in any time in my 50 years on the active list of the Royal Navy,” Press TV quoted the official in a report from Daily Star. West added that the world is now in a more unstable situation as compared to the Cold War era.

“Unless we increase the investment, Britain is standing into danger, particularly in our maritime power,” he said.

There is also the possibility of war in Europe, according to West.

“If the EU starts to break up and things go badly wrong in Europe, which I think they might well do, we have historically twice in the last century had to go and sort it out at immense cost of blood and treasure to our nation,” warned West.

He explained that Russia and China have spent years and money to upgrade their nuclear artillery and capability. The UK will need to work with the United States to manage the situation. 

Russia Mulling Iranian Base

Likewise, there has been rising concerns about Russia’s base in Iran. According to some, the cooperation between the two countries could be alarming. Nonetheless, Russia clarified that the future of its Iranian base will rely on the situation in Syria.

“Further use of the Hamadan air base in the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Russian Aerospace Forces will be carried out on the basis of mutual agreements to fight terrorism and depending on the prevailing circumstances in Syria,” Reuters quoted Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov.

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