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Russia Tanks Prepare To Invade Estonia

Russia Tanks Prepare To Invade Estonia
Hypersonic Missiles 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs Photographers/Flickr CC by 2.0


Russia Tanks Prepare To Invade Estonia

Russia replayed a simulation of its 2014 invasion of Ukraine on the British countryside. Is the Soviet Union planning to attack Estonia and trigger a war in this recent WW3 news?

Situation near the border of the Baltic States have been unstable for months now. The conflict between Russia and NATO defenses has been magnified. Furthermore, both sides have deployed troops and military weapons near the Kaliningrad border and carried out drills to show off their army strength.

WW3 News: NATO-Russia Conflict

Lithuania, which shares a common border with Kaliningrad, has been completely fortified by NATO. Troops from eleven NATO-allied countries, including the US, contributed to aiding Eastern Europe.

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As a stern reply, Russia had called in deadly missiles and troops of their own. This included the most advanced Bal and Bastion, and Iskander. These are capable of firing supersonic Oniks cruise missiles and nuclear warheads respectively.

Turning the blame on NATO’s incorrect depiction of the Kremlin in front of the world, Russia, on the other hand, has made it clear that it would take “necessary (steps) to protect itself from NATO’s expansion towards its borders.”

Only last week British Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to deploy 150 troops to Poland. With Lithuania completely secured, all of NATO’s energies have been focused on providing the same level of security to Poland as well.

Consequently, Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the deployment of British troops was “a glimpse of the future, of how we will be deepening our country-to-country relationships with key partners in Europe” reports Express.

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WW3 News: Russia Military Drills In Northern Europe

But from the recent reports, Russia might be intentionally keeping NATO engaged in the growling match happening in Eastern Europe. Recent pictures show an eerie familiar military drill happening in Northern Europe, close to Estonian border, reports The Sun.

The objective of the drill is to create a wartime environment just outside the British countryside. War experts are predicting that the drill could be a trailer to the final showdown, that is, Russian invasion of Estonia.

Russian troops wore blue uniform with Russian flags flying high in polish-built T-72 military tanks. Salisbury plains, on which the drills took place, were pelted with fiery bombs and air missiles intended to create a realistic impression.

Although a simulation, the drills ended up reminding one of Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

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