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Russia Stops NATO Missiles As World Approaches Nuclear War

Russia Stops NATO Missiles As World Approaches Nuclear War
Vladimir Putin Russian Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons cc


Russia Stops NATO Missiles As World Approaches Nuclear War

Russia and NATO are a long way off from reconciling as both parties continue to exert efforts to bolster their military forces and possibly attack each other. Peace is far out the window as Russia claims it has stopped more than 600 missiles from NATO, and that the alliance is resisting any talks of peace. Is World War really around the corner?

World Approaches Nuclear War

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called out NATO, saying the alliance is trying to resist offers to fix ties with Russia. Lavrov revealed the information when he spoke in Ekaterinburg with his German counterpart Frank Walter Shteinmeier.

According to the official, NATO “did not wish to discuss reestablishing relations” with the organization resisting any attempts from Russia to amend ties.

“The NATO-Russia council has hit a dead end. The round of embassy meetings which took place have changed nothing,” Moscow Times quoted the official. Lavrov said that Russia already laid out concrete steps that could fix the situation with NATO and raise the level of trust. He also added it was NATO who decided to suspend the NATO-Russia council in 2008.

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“By the beginning of winter, our Western colleagues had recognized that it was a mistake, saying that the council should work in any weather, especially during a crisis,” the official explained.

Russia Stops NATO Missiles

There are still no signs that NATO will be answering to Russia’s peace pleas. Moscow also recently attacked NATO, saying that if it weren’t for Russia’s efforts in Syria, NATO could have killed many. According to Russia, it saved Syria from a massive attack by NATO forces which could have come with more than 600 missiles.

“What would’ve happened if our president [Vladimir Putin] failed to be convincing and implement the idea of surrendering and destroying the chemical weapons? If we only talk about cruise missiles … 624 cruise missiles, as far as I remember, were prepared to carry out a massive strike against Syria within 24 hours,”  RT quoted Sergey Shoigu, Russia’s defense minister.

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