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Russia Hacks America & Gets Away With It, Trump The Mastermind – Report

Russia Hacks America & Gets Away With It, Trump The Mastermind – Report
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Russia Hacks America & Gets Away With It, Trump The Mastermind – Report

Russia has been linked to a number of hacking incidents, but a new analysis claims that despite the West’s crackdown on cyberattacks, Moscow remains unscathed. Additionally, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has linked Donald Trump to the hacking incident, sparking speculations that the latter is Russia’s top dog.

Russia Still Not Punished

Starting 2014, President Barack Obama has reportedly been punishing parties considered as leading cyber threats to the United States. While China, Iran and North Korea have all been punished, it appears that Russia has been an exemption. This is to think that the country has been linked to the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Democratic National Committee.

According to Bloomberg, it appears as though Russia has been getting away with its hacking of the U.S. Although senior U.S. officials already called out Russia because of cyber misconduct, they have only linked Moscow to one specific attack, which was in 2015, when Secretary of Defense Ash Carter spoke about Moscow looking into the Pentagon.

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“You haven’t seen yet a public action against Russia,” the report quoted John Carlin, the U.S. assistant attorney general for national security.

“But it would be a mistake for them to assume that we are not going to apply this deterrence model when it comes to their action if they continue to intrude.”

Additionally, the report said there are several reasons the United States has been letting Russia get away: attacks from threats can give the U.S. an opportunity to see their methods and diplomatic relations.

Clinton Questions Trump

On the other end of the hacking controversy, Clinton finally spoke up. The candidate question Trump’s connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We know that Russian intelligence services hacked into the DNC and we know that they arranged for a lot of those emails to be released and we know that Donald Trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up Putin, to support Putin,” Reuters quoted Clinton.

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