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Putin Determined To Win Next World War Vs West, Russia Uses Ukraine As Battlefield

Putin Determined To Win Next World War Vs West, Russia Uses Ukraine As Battlefield
Reception in honour of heads of delegations taking part in Russia-ASEAN summit President of Russia / Website CC BY 4.0


Putin Determined To Win Next World War Vs West, Russia Uses Ukraine As Battlefield

Russia has been stroking NATO and Europe’s radar as its recent activities suggested plans of taking over Ukraine. In fact, some pointed out that Russia is using Ukraine as a rehearsal battlefield for its supposed war with the West. Can Russia get its way and win the next World War?

Russia Determined to Win Next World War

Russia has reportedly been testing tools for warfare in Ukraine as it started moving towards a more confrontational foreign policy stance in light of the threat from NATO and other Western parties.

According to reports, Russia’s activities near Ukraine could be considered representations of the country “returning back into form.” In fact, another leaked report from the UK acknowledges Russia’s fighting power against Europe.

According to Mirror, there have been growing fears while Russia eyes Ukraine as its next battlefield in preparation for its brewing war against the West. Specifically, the report said that many believe Vladimir Putin is testing tools for warfare as Russia becomes more confrontational in nature.

Russia is now using Ukraine to practice “new methods of warfare as well as testing modern and prohibited weapons.”

The report added that it is concerning to see Russia mastering tactics including jamming and hacking. These could be a game changer should tensions in the West escalate into a full-blown war.

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Russia Way Ahead of Britain

“In the unlikely event of a direct confrontation between NATO and RUS [Russia], we must acknowledge that RUS currently has a significant capability edge over UK force elements,” the Telegraph quoted the leaked assessment by the British Army’s warfare branch, seen by The Times newspaper.

“Due to the fact that some of our high-end military capabilities have been eroded since 2003, we must find ways to ‘fight smarter’ at the tactical level, acknowledging that some adversaries may be armed with weapons that are superior to our own,” the report added.

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