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Defcon Warning Reduced To Lowest Levels After Donald Trump Election

Defcon Warning Reduced To Lowest Levels After Donald Trump Election
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Defcon Warning Reduced To Lowest Levels After Donald Trump Election

WW3 fears could finally subside. The Defcon Warning System changed to level 5. It is the lowest level since Donald Trump’s election win. The private organization monitors recent events and estimates the nuclear threats against the United States.

It was not long ago that Defcon levels reached level 3 as tensions between the US and Russia reached new heights. This has not been seen since the Cold War. Many feared that the West and Moscow are creeping slowly to full-scale nuclear conflict.

According to Express, the situation changed. Is this the immediate effect of the November 8 US presidential elections? The organization revealed that Trump’s win halted the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Washington.

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Defcon Levels Reached Dangerous Highs As Tensions Deteriorate As WW3 Looms

Defcon level 3 puts the US military on high alert for WW3 with troops capable of being mobilized in as little as 15 minutes. Indeed, several weeks ago, many reported a large amount of activity in military bases as well as convoys of military vehicles all over the United States.

However, with results of the election, the United States seemed to take a tentative step towards a more isolationist policy. It is still too early to see the results of such development but many are hopeful that it will improve relations with Russia.

Vladimir Putin Confident That Russia And The United States Can Restore Damaged Relations

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that his country will be able to restore its damaged relations with the United States. Though he admits it will be a difficult path, he hopes that discussions will arrive at results that favor the interests of both countries.

With a more isolationist policy, it is probably safe to assume that the US will take a reduced role in the Middle East. President-elect Trump, however, made it clear that ISIS is still a priority for his administration. WW3 might have just been avoided with the election of President Donald Trump.

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