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Atomic Bomb Allegedly Dropped In Russia; See Details Here

Atomic Bomb Allegedly Dropped In Russia; See Details Here
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Atomic Bomb Allegedly Dropped In Russia; See Details Here

Nature has its own weird ways of puzzling people and even an innocuous cloud formation can cause a lot of tension. A large cloud in the shape of a mushroom loomed over Tyumen in south-central Russia’s Tyumen Oblast region as if an atomic bomb was dropped, fueling WW3 speculation.

Social media is already abuzz with astonishment at the strange pattern of the cloud, which was dubbed as “Chernobyl Sky,” named after the grim nuclear power plant explosion in Ukraine in 1986.

“Chernobyl-style sky… Crazy. Like a nuclear explosion happened there or something. Sky was unreal,” a social media user wrote via Express UK. Another user cracked a joke on the phenomenon saying either it will be raining really heavy or the US is about to drop an atomic bomb on the region.

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According to a meteorologists, the weather conditions caused the clouds to rise up to 20,000 feet into the sky. The cloud formation looks unusual but is not really a rare occurrence.

“There are more than a hundred cloud types and yesterday people saw a cloud that’s not really rare,” Nina Soldatova, a meteorologist was quoted as saying. “It appears when the top part of the cloud spreads out in the sky, and the bottom reaches to the ground.”

The clouds that created so much of stir was later blown off by the wind, the Sun reported. It is, however, not the first time that the city witnessed a mushroom-style cloud formation. In June, a similar cloud emerged over the same city.

The images of the clouds have gone viral over the internet. It took place just a few days after a golden UFO was spotted in a NASA footage, which triggered excitement within the UFO hunters’ community. NASA was accused of cutting off the transmission as soon as the UFO appeared.

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