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Conflict In The Black Sea Erupts As US Deploys F-22 Fighter Jets

Conflict In The Black Sea Erupts As US Deploys F-22 Fighter Jets


Conflict In The Black Sea Erupts As US Deploys F-22 Fighter Jets

The U.S has sent two of its F-22 fighter jets to Romania with a mission of monitoring Russian activity in the Black Sea.

Along with the two F-22 fighter jets, the U.S also sent about 20 of its airmen from different military units. The move of the U.S to send its advanced fighter jets and some of its airmen, aims to enhance and maintain the security of NATO allies in Europe. On top of that, the U.S also wants to demonstrate its freedom to operate in the region, it added.

According to the Air Force Times, the sending of the two F-22 fighter jets has been the largest deployment of such war jets to Europe. This, after Russia has intensified its military presence in parts of Europe.

The fighter jets, which are equipped with the latest technology in military aircrafts, have the ability to fire a target at a great distance, the report added. The recent deployment of advanced fighter jets also aims to deter the Russian forces, which have been flexing its military muscle in the region lately.

“It is important we test our infrastructure, aircraft capabilities, and the talented Airmen and allies who will host these aircraft in Europe. This deployment advances our airpower evolution and demonstrates our resolve and commitment to European safety and security,” USAFE-AFAFRICA commander Gen. Frank Gorenc was quoted as saying by the Air Force Times.

It can be recalled that that early this month at least two separate incidents of a Russian flyby of US warships have been recorded in the Baltic Sea. The incidents, according to war experts, are extremely rare and dangerous in times of peace. In a report from the NBC News, some experts believe that the fly by is a common maneuver during a cold war and is enough to spark a war.

Morning News USA has been closely watching the tense relations between U.S. and NATO against Russia. Words about a looming World War 3 has been around since Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014. The relationship worsened when Turkey shot down a Russian jet in November 2015.

The U.S. has always been a strong NATO ally. The alliance has always followed article 5 which states that an attack to one ally is an attack to all.

NATO and U.S. have always been  foes of Russia since the Cold War Era.

In January 2016,  President Vladimir Putin has signed a document naming, for the first time, NATO and the United States as the country’s threats. In June 2015 Russia vowed to station an equal amount of heavy military arsenals in its borders over the Baltic Region if the United States pushed its plan of deploying heavy weapons in Poland and Lithuania. In May 2015, both NATO and Russia have spoken about their readiness to launch and deter a possible nuclear war.

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