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War Fears Loom As Pentagon Braces For Russia, China Rising Alliance

War Fears Loom As Pentagon Braces For Russia, China Rising Alliance


War Fears Loom As Pentagon Braces For Russia, China Rising Alliance

The United States is seemingly waging a continued war against Russia and China. In a series of new reports, it appears that the Pentagon is mulling over strategies and technologies to deter Russian and Chinese aggression on top of concerns that the alliance between the two nations is getting stronger and stronger.

The West’s top admirals and generals will reportedly meet in the next few weeks to talk about what the Pentagon should do in light of the Russian and Chinese military aggression. The upcoming discussions will also likely impact the policies, organizational changes and investments that the Department of Defense will have in order to deter the identified threats, as reported by the National Defense Magazine.

Furthermore, the report noted that the Pentagon is concerned about the two nations gaining “asymmetric” edge especially with their precision-guided weaponry. This will likely challenge the longstanding dominance of the United States in terms of warships and combat aircraft.

“Given the asymmetric approaches of China and Russia, what do we change that allows us to apply technology, operational concepts and organizational structures to defeat their advantage in offensive, long-range precision strike systems?” Scout quoted Air Force Gen. Paul J. Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “Our competitors are approaching us in that capability,” the official added. Selva also claimed that while the United States has not lost on the precision munitions arms race yet, opponents are gaining already.

While advanced weapons from the two nations “may have bested us in range, but they have not yet bested us in precision or the ability to integrate effects,” Selva also noted that: “they’re not far behind us, so what do we change next?”

The statements come timely as both Russia and China are currently opposing the US missile-defense in South Korea. The two countries specifically voiced out their oppositions against the potential deployment of an advanced American missile-defense system in South Korea. Washington and Seoul met in the previous week about the deployment of the sophisticated THAAD system in light of rising tensions with North Korea.

Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov called the deployment an “overreaction.” “The plans, which the U.S. has been nursing together with the Republic of Korea, exceed any conceivable threats that may come from North Korea, even taking Pyongyang’s current actions into account,” ABC quoted the official.

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