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Tension In The Arctic: US Navy Deploys Nuclear Submarine After Russia’s Growler

Tension In The Arctic: US Navy Deploys Nuclear Submarine After Russia’s Growler


Tension In The Arctic: US Navy Deploys Nuclear Submarine After Russia’s Growler

An ocean of ice did not hinder two US Navy submarines to reach one of the world’s unforgiving bodies of water—the arctic ocean. The deployment was made following Russia’s stationing of its S-400 advanced Growler surface-to-air missile systems in December.

Arctic ocean is notoriously known as one of the dangerous bodies of water in the world for a marine vessel because of its condition. Aside from the sub zero temperature all year round, no one can really tell what’s beneath this icy ocean and icebergs are common in the region. This challenging terrain does not stop the US Navy to reach this far ocean up in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, two submarines from the mainland USA ventured the sea for days and safely reach the freezing ocean, an official statement from the US Navy stated.

The USS Hartford from Connecticut, and the USS Hampton from San Diego, which are both Los Angeles class of submarines, are currently docked at the US Navy’s temporary station at Ice Camp Sargo. Both submarines arrived the ice-covered ocean on March 14. The recent statement from US Navy  says that the two marine vessels will be involved in various missions, including scientific exploration and for training purposes as part of the Navy’s five-week naval exercise dubbed as the ICEX 2016.

Navy Cmdr. Scott Luers said the five-week mission will provide a different level of training to the Navy as navigating and working in ice-covered ocean, such as the Arctic, is totally different from that of an open ocean.

“Submarine operations as part of ICEX provide the necessary training to maintain a working knowledge of an extremely challenging region that is very different than any other ocean in the world. Navigating, communicating and maneuvering are all different in an arctic environment as there are surfaces both above and below a submarine,” Luers was quoted as saying by the Navy report.

The Navy also boasted its Arctic submarine laboratory, saying that it’s one of the best in the world, equipped with latest technology. The US Navy has been conducting under-ice activities for more than five decades now.

However, the recent deployment of US Navy of its nuclear submarines has raised once again the fear about the shaping World War 3 in the Arctic region. As previously reported by Morning News USA, Russia has stationed two S-400 advanced Growler surface-to-air missile systems in six polar bases within the border of U.S. in the Arctic.  These growlers stationed at the Wrangle Island and Cape Schmidt in Chukotka were reportedly put on war alert round the clock.

Furthermore, in September, while President Barack Obama was visiting Alaska, five mysterious Chinese navy ships have curiously appeared in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. At the time, Pentagon officials have acknowledged that the sudden operation of the Chinese ships has a “curious timing.”

For several occasions, US officials has repeatedly acknowledged that both Russia and China pose grave threats against the nations’ security. Worse, these two world powers are very much vocal about their alliance as they have a common enemy – the United States.

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