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Vladimir Putin Escapes Attempted Assassination As Foreign Agents Attack Kremlin – Report

Vladimir Putin Escapes Attempted Assassination As Foreign Agents Attack Kremlin – Report
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Vladimir Putin Escapes Attempted Assassination As Foreign Agents Attack Kremlin – Report

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been at the center of political tension across the globe. Now, he has made headlines as a possible target for assassination. When Putin’s personal driver crashed the Russian President’s official car, reports about “foreign secret service agents” sent to assassinate the world came piling up. Did Putin escape a violent message?

Vladimir Putin Escapes Attempted Assassination?

Russia is pushing Western buttons with its activities in the European region. NATO and the United States have warned against massive military drills, reiterating that while the two parties are not seeking war, they will respond accordingly when provoked. The allies even called Russia as a threat to world security.

Russia’s Putin does not seem fazed as he continues to order the buildup of forces near Ukraine. As the world voices out concerns, any mishap on Putin’s part would one way or another be linked to the tension.

Recently, Putin’s personal driver was involved in a horrific head-on crash in Moscow on Tuesday. Since the car involved was the official presidential car, many reports claim that Foreign Service agents may have targeted Putin’s driver to send the leader a message.

The presidential black BMW was totaled to pieces after being hit by a Mercedes. According to Russian media, the driver was Putin’s “favorite chauffeur.”

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According to the Daily Star, the driver died instantly. Police confirmed that an investigation has started on the matter.

Conspiracy Theories

In another report from Express, the publication said that conspiracy theories claim that the crash is the work of “foreign secret service agents who have proxies operating within Moscow.” The target is nonetheless Putin.

Express quoted a report published from Millennium Report (a pro-Putin conspiracy theory website) saying: “Did the neon criminal cabal just send a message to President Vladimir Putin?” The website also suggested that Anglo-American Axis (AAA) “will stop at nothing to control Russia.”

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