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US Ready To Attack Russia If It Provokes NATO

US Ready To Attack Russia If It Provokes NATO


US Ready To Attack Russia If It Provokes NATO

United States will rush to NATO’s side if the security of the alliance and its allies are put at risk in light of Russia’s deployment of troops. Furthermore, NATO has reinforced Russia’s threat in a recent piece from Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

US Ready to Attack Russia

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reiterated that if the situation with Russia goes down and it becomes a threat to the ethnic enclaves across Eastern Europe, the United States will be forced to fulfill its NATO obligations.

“If Russia is allowed to do this, which is to say move into a sovereign country under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians in Ukraine, it exposes Eastern Europe to some significant risk because there are ethnic enclaves all over Eastern Europe and the Balkans,” General Martin Dempsey said in an interview to PBS via The Moscow Times.

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The general also mentioned that there are treaty obligations with the NATO allies. He also assured the allies that if the “threat” triggers that treaty obligation then they would respond. General Dempsey also cited Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, saying “that an armed attack against one or more [NATO members] shall be considered an attack against them all.”

It appears that NATO and the United States are making it clear to Russia that any wrong move could mean grave consequences. NATO’s Stoltenberg acknowledged that there are threats across the globe like terrorism which needs to be addressed, but Russia is becoming a challenge.

“But there is another challenge: a challenge from a more assertive Russia, especially following the illegal annexation of Crimea. I believe a key way to enhance our long-term security in Europe is to engage in meaningful dialogue with Russia, NATO’s largest and most powerful neighbor,” Stoltenberg said in his opinion piece.

“It is also why NATO leaders at our recent summit in Warsaw reconfirmed our balanced, two-track approach to Russia: strengthening our collective deterrence and defense, while at the same time remaining committed to meaningful dialogue,” he added.

Russia said previously that NATO was under a delusional narrative, putting Russia at the center of attention.

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