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US Puts Russia In First Target Range, China Backs Moscow

US Puts Russia In First Target Range, China Backs Moscow
Meeting with President of China President of Russia Website / Flickr CC


US Puts Russia In First Target Range, China Backs Moscow

Russian officials have been urging the United States to work with them in light of the threat of international terrorism, but it appears Washington has different goals. The U.S. has made it clear that Russia is a more pressing matter than terrorism, which raises the risk of another World War on top of current world problems. 

Russia More Threatening that Daesh?

Analyst Vladimir Filippov said that the United States may have ruled out the possibility of cooperation with Russia to tackle the Daesh threat. Moreover, the analyst emphasized that such determination and focus will remain the same regardless of who wins the U.S. presidential election.

“Some say that if Donald Trump wins, it will be better. It clearly won’t,” wrote the expert for RIA Novosti via Sputnik.

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“It’s not because Trump is lying when he says that he wants to promote constructive dialogue with Russia. His entourage will not let him,” added Filippov.

In fact, Flippov referred to other U.S. lawmakers including senior military commanders, like NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Philip M. Breedlove and the military-industrial complex as being fixed on the “Russian threat.” According to the analyst, Russia has become a target because it hinders America from gaining global dominance.

Russia and China Team Up

However, since the United States is trying to push Russia into a corner, the latter has sought out other allies. While the effects are not yet direct, analysts have said before that the United States should be careful in isolating countries because they may come together, like the case of Russia and China. The two countries have announced routine naval exercises in the South China Sea to commence in September. Nonetheless, China is quick to defend that the exercises were not directed to anyone.

“This is a routine exercise between the two armed forces, aimed at strengthening the developing China-Russia strategic cooperative partnership,” Reuters quoted China’s defense ministry spokesman Yang Yujun.

“The exercise is not directed against third parties.”

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