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US Pushes THAAD Anti-Missile Systems for War, Report

US Pushes THAAD Anti-Missile Systems for War, Report
Type 054A frigate firing anti-ship missile during exercise Simon Yang / Flickr CC


US Pushes THAAD Anti-Missile Systems for War, Report

The United States will continue with its plans to deploy the THAAD missile defense system to South Korea “as soon as possible.” The government confirmed the plans despite previous opposition from Russia and China. Could the missiles ignite the war?

North Korea has continued to proceed without regard to UN sanctions repeatedly which put nations on the edge. The country has also been testing nuclear technologies prompting the US and South Korea to proceed head on with their plans about Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system. Despite the opposition, the United States maintained that it is a defensive move.

US Pushes THAAD Anti-Missile Systems

“This is a defensive measure aimed not at China, but at North Korea. It is a defense based decision, not a political decision. And it is part of a layered system of defense that will augment many military installations and systems currently in place,” explained Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel to US lawmakers.

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Previously, it can be noted that North Korea has threatened the US base in Guam repeatedly for its THAAD plans.

However, despite the ongoing tensions, what remains to happen still depends on the US presidential elections as well. Depending on the candidate, some allies may be strained and some enemies may turn out to be allies immediately.

“The upcoming US elections are a crossroads for American security guarantees to Europe. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a maximalist both in political background and campaign rhetoric, is likely to maintain the status quo of US NATO assistance and possibly increase allied presence along NATO’s eastern flank,” claims International Center for Defense and Security (ICDS).

“Donald Trump vacillates between two dangerous extremes: hair-trigger impulsivity and sycophantic flattery of Vladimir Putin,” the research added. This could also affect what happens between South Korea and North Korea.

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