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US And NATO Send Bombers Against Each Other, Report

US And NATO Send Bombers Against Each Other, Report
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US And NATO Send Bombers Against Each Other, Report

Nothing spells trouble than fighter bombers flying around and intercepting each other, as what happened between Russia and NATO. The two parties have been at odds with each other, but it appears that the conflict is now more apparent than ever. Is Russia surveying its next war zone?

Four European countries scrambled to get their jets up in the air after two Russian Blackjack bombers flew from Norway to Northern Spain. The NATO jets intercepted the jets after the bombers reportedly skirted the airspace of each nation.

Specifically, Norway, the UK, France and Spain all sent their jets up as the TU-160 planes flew at a time when tensions between Russia and the West are at their highest over the Situation in Syria.

NATO and Russian Bombers Go Up In the Air

According to BBC, correspondents noted that Russian bombers have been flying at a increased volume with NATO continually intercepting them. Spanish media reported that so far, it is at the furthest south where something as such happened.

The incident happened back in September 22, but it was only now that the attention has been on the matter after the French ministry of defense released a statement (in French). The statement also referred to the matter as an Air Policing [Baltic support] mission by the four countries involved.

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Nonetheless, there might be hope for peace after Moscow seems ready to review NATO’s new arms control concept given that a more specific language is introduced to the proposal.

“If NATO countries do create this new concept and it will be worked out and presented to us, we are ready to consider it. So far, we only have the famous article of the German foreign minister, in which he mentioned only a few ideas,” Sputnik quoted head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s European Cooperation Department Andrei Kelin.

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