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US, China And Russia No Match For North Korea, South Korea Threatens All-Out Retaliation

US, China And Russia No Match For North Korea, South Korea Threatens All-Out Retaliation
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US, China And Russia No Match For North Korea, South Korea Threatens All-Out Retaliation

North Korea continues to challenge world security despite warnings from different superpowers. The country only ignored two international warnings after it launched two ballistic missiles this month, with many expecting a pursuit of weapons activity. Will South Korea’s THAAD missiles solve the problem?

US, China and Russia No Match for North Korea

There has been long-standing tension between North Korea and South Korea, but the conflict has never been as pronounced as these days. North Korea has been testing weapons without regard for how the international community will react. South Korea, on the other hand, has decided to let the United States install anti-missile battery on its soil in what many see as a means to threaten its Korean counterpart with all-out retaliation.

There have been talks on how to stop North Korea from going off the grid completely, but much has also been said about the lack of measures until three of the world’s superpowers cooperate, namely China, Russia and the United States.

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According to Michael Ivanovitch, president of research firm MSI Global and a former OECD senior economist, only the U.S., China and Russia are capable of stopping North Korea, as reported by CNBC.

“But that hinges on whether the three superpowers can agree among themselves about the balance, and the political nature, of power on the Peninsula,” Ivanovitch said.

“Their interests don’t coincide. They were on the opposing side of the Korean War and the sequels of that conflagration are still unresolved,” Ivanovitch explained.

South Korea Threatens All-out Retaliation

South Korea’s decision to let the U.S. install the THAAD missiles could be affecting the situation. China made it clear that it was upset about the decision.

While the U.S. and South Korea maintain that the system’s aim is to deter North Korea, China claims that the installation puts them within target range. According to the Korea Times, solving the issue will rely on South Korea finding a creative way to reconcile the stances of U.S., China and Russia.

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