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Sweden Prepares For Attack With Tanks And Soldiers, Russia To Destroy Europe In Hours – Report

Sweden Prepares For Attack With Tanks And Soldiers, Russia To Destroy Europe In Hours – Report
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Sweden Prepares For Attack With Tanks And Soldiers, Russia To Destroy Europe In Hours – Report

It is not just Britain that is on high alert, according to reports; Sweden has also ordered its troops to be on high alert in light of the “Russian aggression.” Sweden instructed its armed forces to be on the highest alert following a serious threat from Russia. Could Russia really invade Sweden?

Sweden Prepares for Attack with Tanks and Soldiers

During the earlier part of September, defense chief Nicael Bydén and defence minister Peter Hultqvist both warned that there is a serious threat from an emerging nuclear superpower. In light of this, the Scandinavian country has sent troops to the Gotland Island for the first time in a decade. There were no further details about the deployment of the 150 soldiers and tanks on the southern island other than the mission was classified. Officials are also not providing further information on the matter.

According to Express, Swedish officials confirmed that there is a growing Russian threat although they refuse to shed light on the matter.

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“Something has happened in the intelligence picture,” said Wilhelm Agrell, professor of intelligence analysis.

“The citizens do not know what it is. However, we can see the effects of it. The rapid deployment of forces on Gotland is highly unusual.”

Russia to Destroy Europe in Hours

Previously, NATO discovered in February that Russia launched a nuclear strike on Sweden during a series of war games. However, NATO may still need to be careful as a top military mind says that it is not prepared for a Russian attack.

“If you list all the military capability that NATO has, it has a lot more than Russia, but because most of it exists in this semi-dormant state there is a window of opportunity where…Russia could use its smaller forces to tweak NATO in a way to which NATO would be very pressed to respond because it doesn’t have any plans to do that,” explained General Sir Richard Barrons – former chief of Joint Forces Command via Daily Star.

“In the absence of consensus, largely between the north, the centre and the south, it drops down to the lowest common denominator and not much will happen.”

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