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Russia, Ukraine Threatening All-Out War – Report

Russia, Ukraine Threatening All-Out War – Report
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Russia, Ukraine Threatening All-Out War – Report

Russia wants Ukraine, and things are looking more tensed than ever. According to experts, thing are becoming more ominous as military drills are held across Russian and Ukrainian regions, with many believing that a world war could ensue soon. Who will win: Ukraine or Russia?

Russia and Ukraine Threaten All Out War

There has been a consensus among experts that current tensions between Ukraine and Russia are nothing but ominous. While the relationship between the two countries has been nothing but ideal following the annexation of Crimea, it has further deteriorated when Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Kiev of embracing the “tactics of terror.”

The accusation came after Russia declared that it has allegedly caught Ukrainian saboteurs in Crimea. This prompted a negative reaction from Ukraine as well.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko urged troops to be on alert while warning that the country may need to adopt martial law and mobilization if the situation in Crimea escalates. It is also not helping that Russia is planning to hold massive military drills on the region in the coming month.

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According to the Washington Post, tensions are brewing, considering how Russian-backed separatists and the army have been exchanging heavy weapons. Analysts are now in unison, saying that the tensions have been at their highest.

“We view it as a real threat,” explained Mikhail Samus, deputy director for international affairs at the Kiev-based Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies.

“Putin is controlling the situation, and that makes it the most dangerous situation,” Samus said. 

Russia to Gain Nearly Nothing

Another report from DW said that while Russian troops have been preparing to flex muscles against Ukraine, experts argue that doing such would only yield little to no gain for Russia.

“Russian troops seem arranged in preparation for some sort of military action. But to push further into Ukrainian territory would be to risk major casualties, public backlash at home and the loss of any chance to have Western sanctions lifted,” the report argued.

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