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Russia To Defeat Britain With Nuclear Assault, Sweden Calls NATO For Help – Report

Russia To Defeat Britain With Nuclear Assault, Sweden Calls NATO For Help – Report
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Russia To Defeat Britain With Nuclear Assault, Sweden Calls NATO For Help – Report

European nations have been clamoring against what they perceive as threat of Russia aggression. According to reports, Britain might not be able to withstand a nuclear attack from Russia with Sweden sharing the same concern and running for cover, calling for NATO’s help. Is Europe really unable to defeat Russia in the next world war?

Russia To Defeat Britain With Nuclear Assault

Britain is running low on nuclear weapons compared to Russia. Specifically, Russia reportedly has 7,300 nuclear weapons compared to Britain’s only 215 count. More importantly, Britain is perceived to be ill-equipped in terms of defense systems, military strategy and standards, according to an expert. It is important to note the differences of the two nations considering Vladimir Putin’s actions against Ukraine and Russia which could only mean signs of war.

Dr Andrew Foxall, director of Russian studies at the Henry Jackson Society, claimed that the defence system, military strategy and training standards of Britain could not hold up against Russia. The expert said that Britain is “ill-equipped” in defending itself if Russia launches a nuclear attack in the event that Putin declares a war.

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“As things stand, the UK is ill-equipped to deal with Russia,” Daily Mail quoted the expert.

“There is an urgent need to strengthen not only the UK’s defenses, but those of NATO members as a whole,” the expert added.

“The alliance simply isn’t doing enough to build up the range of capabilities necessary to deter an aggressive and resurgent Russia.”

Sweden Calls NATO For Help

As the tensions between Europe and Russia escalate, Sweden is also taking the necessary steps to ensure its safety. Sweden recently published a report advocating for its NATO membership.

“The most tangible effect of NATO membership would apparently be the elimination of the uncertainty that currently exists regarding how a possible Baltic crisis would ultimately turn out. At the same time, the West’s overall conflict deterring capability is thus likely to increase,” Sputnik quoted a passage from the report.

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