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Russia Says New Cold War Without Prerequisites, Putin Preparing For War – Report

Russia Says New Cold War Without Prerequisites, Putin Preparing For War – Report
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Russia Says New Cold War Without Prerequisites, Putin Preparing For War – Report

It cannot be denied that tension is running high across regions, with many political concerns revolving around Russia’s supposed plans for world domination. Likewise, Russia has claimed that there are no current prerequisites for a new Cold War, and that preparing an army for a mega-war is only natural. Will Russia pull the trigger soon?

Russia Says New Cold War Without Prerequisites

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said recently that there are no prerequisites for a new Cold War as of late. Lavrov also said that Russia and the West do not share ideological differences, but the nations are tied under the common democratic principles of the UN and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

“I do not see any prerequisites for a ‘second edition’ of the Cold War to become a reality,” Sputnik quoted the official as he spoke before the Moscow State Institute of International Relations students.

Likewise, Lavrov added that there is big difference between the modern times and the Cold War era. However, this cannot remove concerns about Russia and the United States gearing up for war. The relationship of the two countries has deteriorated following the annexation of Crimea. Now, Russia’s troops are amassing near Ukraine, sparking worldwide concerns.

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Putin Prepares for War?

While leaders from other nations claim that Russia’s mobilization of forces near Ukraine, including its series of military drills, could be alarming, National Interest argues that Moscow is doing what should be expected of armies. Countries and their military need to test their capabilities, even if they appear like they are preparing for a mega war.

“Russia’s Defense Ministry claims that the ongoing inspection of combat readiness of eight thousand soldiers and their equipment, including units located in Crimea and South Ossetia, is needed to ascertain whether the forces are ready for the strategic Kavkaz-2016 exercise, set to begin in mid-September,” the report argued.

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