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Russia Promises Nuclear Annihilation For NATO

Russia Promises Nuclear Annihilation For NATO
Vladimir Putin President of Russia/Website CC by 4.0


Russia Promises Nuclear Annihilation For NATO

Russia and NATO are both engaged in confusing and tensed times. Some believe there could be chance for reconciliation, but the two parties warning each other to back off could also mean that there will be war should things further escalate. Will Russia really annihilate NATO?

 Russia to Punish NATO

Leading Russian foreign policy expert, Sergey Karaganov, said that Russia does not trust NATO and thinks that the alliance has been preparing to go to war against it. However, the expert also said that if there’s a big conflict then Moscow will not fight on its own soil.

Karaganov, a veteran political scientist and member of the influential Foreign Policy and Defense Council of the Russia Foreign Ministry, told Spiegel that there has been increasing tensions over the years that there could be a war brewing on the surface. In fact, the tensions have been so high they mimic those of the Cold War period. The official added that both sides have propaganda ongoing, proving how dangerous the situation is.

“The Russian media is more reserved than Western media. Though you have to understand that Russia is very sensitive about defense. We have to be prepared for everything. That is the source of this occasionally massive amount of propaganda,” he said.

“But what is the West doing? It is doing nothing but vilifying Russia; it believes that we are threatening to attack. The situation is comparable to the crisis at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s,” RT quoted Karaganov.

He also said that the NATO’s move to deploy weapons in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia has sparked fears.

NATO Provokes Russia Continuously

“But that doesn’t help them; we interpret that as a provocation. In a crisis, we will destroy exactly these weapons. Russia will never again fight on its own territory,” he said.

“The help offered by NATO is not symbolic help for the Baltic states. It is a provocation. If NATO initiates an encroachment – against a nuclear power like ourselves – it will be punished,” he added.

According to Express, Karaganov claimed that NATO’s has switch its focus to defensive moves to one that has encouraged militarization in the concerned regions. He stressed that the Kremlin will not fight in its own soil since it will be focusing on foreign conflicts rather than domestic defense.

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