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Russia Prepares Thermonuclear ICBMs For Attack, NATO Attempts New Ploy – Report

Russia Prepares Thermonuclear ICBMs For Attack, NATO Attempts New Ploy – Report
USS Cowpens launches missiles Official U.S. Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Russia Prepares Thermonuclear ICBMs For Attack, NATO Attempts New Ploy – Report

Russia has been tagged as a rising threat by a number of Western nations, including NATO. Now, the threat seems real. According to reports, Russia is preparing for war as it moves its thermonuclear ICMBS near the border. Is World War just around the corner?

Russia Prepares Thermonuclear ICBMs for Attack

In the previous week, it was reported that Russia’s Russia’s western-most ICBM division will be equipped with the RS-24 Yars missile system.

According to Global Research, the Yars refers to “a MIRV-equipped, thermonuclear, intercontinental ballistic missile” capable of carrying up to 10 independently targetable warheads. More importantly, Russia’s strategic missile force relies on the ICBM RS-24 Yars.

“The westernmost strategic missile force division in the Tver region will soon begin to be rearmed with the missile system Yars. It will be a sixth strategic missile division where the newest mobile ground-based missile complexes will replace the intercontinental ballistic missile Topol,” Sergey Karakayev, the commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force, was quoted as saying by Strategic Missile Force press-service via TASS.

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The deployment of the weapon is Russia’s response to NATO’s installation of the U.S. anti-missile system in Eastern Europe. According to Russia, such act violates the Russian-U.S. arms treaties. What is interesting is that the United States maintained that the weapon was for the deterrence of Iranian threats.

“Now, after the deployment of those anti-missile system elements, we’ll be forced to think about neutralizing developing threats to Russia’s security,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin in May.

NATO Attempts New Ploy

However, another Russian expert claims that NATO is using the idea of “Russian threat” to push for its agenda and promote the alliance’s brand.

“NATO is developing according to the laws of the market. On the one hand, it is a bureaucratic organization, which requires considerable resources, and on the other hand, it is a kind of a showcase used to promote NATO’s products and its brand, arms and engineering services, which are being imposed on other countries,” Sputnik quoted Alexei Mukhin, Director General of the Center for Political Information.

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