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Russia Prepares Hypersonic Nuclear Warhead To Target NATO, US

Russia Prepares Hypersonic Nuclear Warhead To Target NATO, US
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Russia Prepares Hypersonic Nuclear Warhead To Target NATO, US

Russia’s constant place in the list of threats across the globe may be justifiable, as the country has reportedly been preparing a hypersonic glider that can carry a thermonuclear head. While Moscow refused to acknowledge that it is preparing for war on several occasions, U.S. intelligence argues that Vladimir Putin is building dozens of underground bunkers that can withstand atomic blasts. Is the world ready for nuclear annihilation?

Russia Prepares Hypersonic Nuclear Warhead

The United States and NATO have made it clear that they see Russia as a threat and will counter the country’s perceived aggression. While Russia denies being a threat, details about its military advancement continue to sprout. According to reports, Russia even has a Yu-74, a hypersonic glider that can be equipped with a thermonuclear warhead.

Russian media previously claimed that the ultra-maneuverable Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) can travel 2,500 kilometers air distance from Moscow to London within 13 minutes. Likewise, it also has the capability to target NATO’s missile defense system. Additionally, it can penetrate the the U.S. THAAD missile defense system, as reported by Chinatopix.

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Nuclear Bunkers

While there are no reports yet whether Russia will be deploying the weapon immediately, America and NATO are in for more troubling signs. According to the Daily Mail, Putin has started building new nuclear-proof underground bunkers. Specifically, Russia has started creating “dozens” of underground bunkers throughout the country years back.

This is opposite from what Russia and the United States have been reportedly trying to do for the past years: reducing the number of nuclear weapons. The revelation, on top of Russia’s ongoing and increasing missile production, only implies that the country is getting ready for war.

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