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Russia Eyes Poland As Next Target, NATO Prepares For Aggression

Russia Eyes Poland As Next Target, NATO Prepares For Aggression
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Russia Eyes Poland As Next Target, NATO Prepares For Aggression

Russia has been stirring things up in the European region, and it appears that the country is not stopping its plans to carry out operations in Poland. As Russia prepares to make its move against the European region, NATO has reportedly made it clear that it is prepared to deter Russian aggression as much as possible. Will things result to a world war?

Russia Eyes Poland as Next Target

Russia will carry out observation flights in Poland this week. The information was confirmed by Sergei Ryzhkov, head of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Nuclear Risk Reduction Center.

“As part of the international Open Skies Treaty, the Russian inspection team plans to carry out an observation flight on the Russian An-30B over the territory of the Republic of Poland. An observation flight will be carried out in the period from August 29 to September 2, 2016 from the Open Skies airfield Warsaw with a maximum range of up to 1,400 kilometers (870 miles),” Sputnik quoted Ryzhkov.

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As opposed to information saying that Russia is out for war, it appears that the same treaty has allowed a Danish mission to fly an observation flight over Russia on the Ukrainian observation aircraft AN-30B. It was on March 1992 that the Treaty on Open Skies was signed.

NATO Prepares for Aggression

According to another report from Express, NATO is preparing for signs of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. In fact, the alliance has been stationing troops and military assets in the region. However the alliance said that it is merely defending what it has sworn to defend.

“NATO has a responsibility to ensure we are ready to defend our allies,” a NATO source told Express.

“We are reinforcing our presence in the eastern part of the Alliance in response to Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine.”

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