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Russia & China To Launch Attacks In New Cold War With US – Report

Russia & China To Launch Attacks In New Cold War With US – Report
Vladimir Putin had a meeting with President of China Xi Jinping. President of Russia / Official Website CC


Russia & China To Launch Attacks In New Cold War With US – Report

The United States is threatening Russia and China, which may push the two together to fight the former. As tensions rise and all concerned parties work on strengthening their military capabilities, many are wondering if a new Cold War is just around the corner. Who will win?

Russia and China Against US

Some say that the United States could spark a new Cold War, especially since it has started isolating Russia and China. Whereas the world may view the two as threats, they have become increasingly closer to each other, which could be more detrimental for the United States. As some analysts said, pushing the two countries further to isolation will bring them together because of a common enemy.

“Russia and China stick to points of view which are very close to each other or are almost the same in the international arena,” US News quoted Putin.

What Putin said should rattle some American sleeves, especially since there has been considerable tension between U.S. lawmakers and Russia and China.

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“The reality is that Russian and Chinese relations are probably the best [they’ve been] in modern history. … They’re both opposed to a world dominated by a source of power that isn’t one of them,” explained J. Stapleton Roy, who is the founding director emeritus of the Kissinger Institute on China as well as former U.S. ambassador to Singapore, China and Indonesia.

“They both feel threatened by U.S. unilateralism.”

If such alliance would pursue, things are not looking up for the United States. Both countries are also looking to improve their economic and infrastructural development, which could undermine American position and interest in the long run.

Russia and China Strategic Together

“Russia and China are strategically complementary for one another. The Chinese feel Russia is good at confrontation, while the Chinese are good at maneuvering,” explained Yun Sun, a nonresident Brookings fellow. “One is an energy exporter, one is an energy importer.”

It also does not help that Russia is seemingly lending a hand to China with its quest in the South China Sea. A new report from Reuters said that Russia and China are planning to hold routine naval exercises in the South China Sea this September.

The United States is a vocal opposition of China in the region. If Russia is lending China a hand, the conflict beyond the former’s borders could extend to Asia.

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